Our Story

Living The Dream...

Living The Dream is easy to say, fulfilling it has been an amazing journey, and now Living The Dream we truly are...
The Burgess’s
Steve, Ruth & Harrison


Water Bailiffs Cottage.JPG

Meeting & Moving

Many moons ago...


We both met in 2003, Steve a Builder and Ruth a PA in Banking, and in 2010 we had our amazing son Harrison.  We finally tied the knot in 2016 and in the winter of 2017, we upped and left our beautiful home, as well as our family and friends in Keston, Kent to move down to Sedlescombe, East Sussex to a tumbledown cottage in the middles of some woods... with our dream.

Camping Life

Get up and go

Camping is what we have always loved to enjoy with family and friends and we’ve had many a tent before we upgraded to a classic old motorhome for a little more ‘luxury’!  We loved to just get up and go!   It was over the last several years of our camping life that we actually wanted to take it a step further... we wanted land, we wanted woodlands, we wanted beautiful surroundings and we wanted to run our own place for others to come Camp, Glamp and Cabin!


Planning & more Planning

We got there!


With a year of making our house into a beautiful home, along with a long Planning Permission submission, we finally started ground work on Seven Acre Woods in the Spring of 2019 with our grand opening in mind for Autumn of 2020... yes, the Year of Covid-19!  With materials and supplies collected with pride by Steve over many years and his creative woodwork and build designs, seeing the results from his upcycling and recycling along with the pure genius in his Cabin designs and build, has really done us, and Seven Acre Woods proud.

Passion & Hard, Hard Work

Seven Acre Wood est 2020


We both have a passion for hard work and with Steve’s carpentry talents, Ruth’s organisational expertise along with Harrison's bundle of energy and youthful ideas, we have managed to fulfil our own expectations of space and designs along with interiors and character to carry out what we hope to be a great cabining and camping life to be enjoyed by all who come and stay!

Cabin rear.JPG