Fun for Kids!

As if the Woods isn't enough!

Squirrels LookOut.jpeg

Kidz Woodz

Hang Out & Play

At the back of the Cabins you'll find Kidz Woodz... here you'll find kids hanging out in Squirrels LookOut treehouse, Den Building with the supplies of logs, branches and tarp.. or maybe racing around the race track or the trim trail obstacle course!

The Field

After Kidz Woodz...

Hours of fun on the tyre swing... swinging or spinning or just daydreaming whilst others may kick a ball about scoring goals before heading to win a game of Tic Tac Toe!

Tic Tac Toe.jpg
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Books & Games

Check out The Cubby

As well as sweet and treats to buy, head to The Cubby to find an array of books and games to borrow and read and play... if you wish to take the book home, just pop a donation in the Honesty Pot!  Harrison may have some old toys and games in his crate that he is selling, take a look and if you like something you see... pop some coins in his money box!

Taffie & Torrie.jpeg

Taf & Tor


Come take a look a Taffie and Torrie, our Pygmy Goats​... they often dance around on the roof of their Cabin or have a mad half hour running back and forth and around and about their playground garden!  Sometimes we can have guests feed them, so look out for any times displayed on the chalkboard in The Cubby!

Taffie & Torrie.jpeg

The Goats