COVID-19 Safe

Keeping You Safe​

We want to ensure you know we are keeping you safe and still making sure you enjoy your time here at Seven Acre Woods as well as ensuring you are confident with our guarantees and bookings terms.

Lockdown & restrictions guarantee


low deposit

We currently offer a Low Deposit payment of £40 to secure your booking


week before arrival payment

We currently offer a Week Before Arrival Final Payment to avoid any last minute refunds due to restrictions 




We offer the opportunity to reschedule your stay if cancelled due to COVID-19 Guidelines




'We're Good to Go'


We are pleased to say “We’re Good To Go”.  This is the official UK mark to signal that Seven Acre Woods as a tourism and hospitality business has worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and has a process in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.


During Your Stay

  • During these uncertain times of COVID-19, we want our guests to be rest assured that the Government and the World Health Organisation policies and procedures will be followed here at Seven Acre Woods in all manners of social distancing and cleaningWe have a sanitising station for you to use when checking-in

  • Keys are sanitised, as are our hands just before you check-in

  • We have sanitising stations to use before entering The Cubby and The Facilities Hut

  • We ensure to maintain a distance of 1m from guests, during check-in and any other occasion

  • We will wear a mask or covering if we need to enter your Cabin (at your permission)


  1. ​We refer to the best practices in the checklists to make sure that all areas are cleaned and sanitised between each stay

  2. We ventilate Cabins before and during cleans

  3. We use COVID-19 approved cleaning/sanitising products

  4. We wear PPE whilst cleaning​ and wash our hands before, during and after each Cabin clean and replace gloves before replacing guest supplies, linen and any other 'after clean' items

  5. We sweep, vacuum, dust, and/or mop areas before cleaning/sanitising

  6. We wipe down hard surfaces with soap and water

  7. We spray high-touch surfaces in each room with an approved disinfectant spray

  8. We wash laundry at the highest heat setting possible

  9. We allow the surface to air-dry​

  10. We do not re-enter a room once it’s been sanitised and cleaned, and if we do, we wash hands prior and wear a mask

  11. We safely dispose of (or wash) cleaning supplies and protective gear

  12. We empty and/or clean equipment (e.g. vacuum cleaner, microfibre cloths) between each changeover

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